Spring Fling

Townsend Fire Company & Ducks Unlimited Spring Fling!

Spring Fling 2019 gave away almost half a million dollars in Cash, Cars, and other great prizes. Spring Fling 2020 promises to have just as much fun and excitement. All of the games, cash prizes, new trucks, cars and other prizes should provide plenty of excitement. 2020 Spring Fling tickets will go on sale early November of 2019. 

When & Where?

  • August 15th    (If we are unable to do it live. We will be doing a vidio Spring Fling That Day)
  • Doors open at 11:00 am (Rain or Shine Provided No Health Concerns Exist)
  • Harrington Fair Grounds, Ice Arena, Harrington, DE

To Purchase Advance Tickets (Starting Early November 2018):  Call

  • Ruby Dillmore          302-545 6208
  • Sue Bakhsh             302-668-3281
  • Larry Dillmore          302-598-0363

Related Notes:

Any questions contact Ruby Dillmore @ (302) 545-6208.

  • The 8:00 Drawing with be determined by the Delaware Nightly Play 4 Lottery
  • One number per ticket.
  • Only 10,000 tickets are to be sold.
  • Drawing will be a lottery style draw.
  • Any ticket can win multiple times.
  • All prize winners may opt for cash in lieu of the won prize.
  • State and federal taxes, transfers, and registrations are the responsibility of the prize winner.
  • Some prizes may require the prize winner to pay the federal taxes before they can take receipt of their prize.
  • The Townsend Fire Company, the Appoquinimink Chapter of the Ducks Unlimited or any other person, organization or sponsoring business participating in the Spring Fling, is not responsible or libel for any claims for injury or other damages arising out of the possession of any prize, motorized or otherwise, obtained though a winning ticket, and by accepting receipt of a Spring Fling ticket, the holder acknowledges release from any responsibility or liability as stated.
  • ONLY ticket holders, paid guests, event staff and fairground officials will be admitted for the drawing.
  • Only one holder per ticket for entry
  • Each guest is required to pay a one time fee of $20.00 for entry. The $20.00 fee gives the guest the same rights as a ticket holder. The guest entry fee may be paid at the time of a ticket purchase.
  • Each ticket holder and paid guest will receive a wrist band upon entry that will be installed by event staff and must not be removed.
  • Any removed wrist band will require the owner to pay $20.00 for a new band at re-entry. In the case of a ticket holder, your ticket will be ripped at your initial entry. If your wrist band is removed and your ticket has already been ripped, you also will be required to pay the $20.00 fee for a new band at re-entry.
  • Food and drinks will be provided for ticket holders and paid guests during the event, at no charge, until all food supply is exhausted or the event ends, whichever comes first.
  • Any prizes not won during the original drawing will be redrawn immediately after the 8:00 drawing. If there is no winner by the Delaware Play 4 drawing, then the 8:00 prize will be redrawn the same as the other redrawn prizes.
  • Winning numbers will be posted on this website- townsendfirecompany.org, tfd26.org, tfd26.com.
  • Winners DO NOT need to be present to win. All winners will be notified.
  • If for some reason the event is not held, all monies will be returned to the ticket holders.
  • Picture identification is required before prizes can be awarded.
  • ALL prizes not claimed within 30 days of the event become the property of the Townsend Fire Company and the Appoquinimink Chapter of the Ducks Unlimited.
  • Some prizes will be available the day of the drawing.
  • No alcoholic beverages, ATVs or pets are allowed.
  • Camper spaces and parking will be available, with security provided.

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