Knox Box Program

Protect residential and commercial properties from forced entry damage during emergencies. Safely secure your entrance key in a UL listed Residential Knox-Box key box.

The Knox-Box key is used by the Fire and EMS service to make entry into a property after operational hours or if no one is home.  For a example if a fire alarm is sounding and the fire crews do not see any obvious signs of a fire or other emergencies we can use the knox-Box keys to enter the property and not do any damage that is not necessary. For the ambulance, if someone is home and is having a medical emergency and is unable to unlock a door for the crews to get inside we can use the Knox-Box key and get to your family member to render assistance.

As a fire service we are dispatched to a majority of false alarms and the Knox-Box keys help us to help you from any unnecessary damage done to properties to ensure the safety of the public.


If you are interested in more Information on Knox-Box Key entry system go to the link below.



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  • Fri Mar, 5 2021 @ 17:22

    Nature: Fire

    Location: Clayton

    Address: Black Stallion Rd and Clayton Delaney Rd

    City: ,

  • Fri Mar, 5 2021 @ 16:46

    Nature: Traffic Collision

    Location: Smyrna

    Address: Rte 1 South and Black Diamond Rd Underpass

    City: ,

  • Fri Mar, 5 2021 @ 06:28

    Nature: Structure Fire

    Location: Mcdonalds Middleto - Market Place Shopping Center

    Address: 580 Middletown Warwick Rd

    City: ,

  • Fri Mar, 5 2021 @ 04:26

    Nature: Medical Emergency

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