Horton Ford E450 - A26 (RETIRED)

A26 is a 2003 Ford E450 Chassis with a Horton Emergency Box. This ambulance is equipped with an assortment of medical supplies, oxygen, patient stabilization equipment, and patient extraction equipment. There are 4 portable 800 Mhz radios mounted within the cab and box of the ambulance, 1 for each crew member. There is a battery operated Hurst combination tool that is switched between the 2 ambulances, every 2 weeks the ambulances are switched between primary unit and secondary unit.

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Recent Alarms

  • Thu Mar, 21 2019 @ 18:36

    Nature: Alarms - Residential (Single)

    Location: Townsend

    Address: 5869 Summit Bridge Rd

    City: , DE

  • Wed Mar, 20 2019 @ 15:50

    Nature: Structure Fire

    Location: Smyrna

    Address: Eagles Nest Landing Rd and Walker School Rd

    City: , DE

  • Wed Mar, 20 2019 @ 15:15

    Nature: Citizen Assist / Service Call

    Location: Townsend

    Address: 127 Main St

    City: , DE

  • Wed Mar, 20 2019 @ 13:37

    Nature: Medical Emergency

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