Chevrolet 3500 - TSU 26 (RETIRED)

TSU 26 is a 1994 4WD Chevrolet 3500 chassis with a crew cab and 8 Ft. bed. This truck features a 12 volt power inverter and an 8 Ft. roll out tray that is equipped with a Hurst Maverik combination tool with hoses and portable generator, vehicle extrication equipment, forceable entry equipment, spill clean up equipment, scene lighting, traffic management equipment, a back board with CID and head blocks, a trauma/medical bag with oxygen, C-spine collar bag and an A.E.D. TSU 26 is utilized as the first apparatus to respond to MVCs on the Rt. 1 corridor that runs through our district because it is light enough that it can travel through and across medians where the larger apparatus can not. TSU 26 also responds to all medical assists and C.P.R. responses.

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Recent Alarms

  • Tue Apr, 20 2021 @ 21:53

    Nature: Traffic Collision - High Mechanism

    Location: Rte 1 [email protected] La - Chestnut Ln / Harris Rd

    Address: Rte 1 Nb and Chestnut Lane

    City: ,

  • Tue Apr, 20 2021 @ 16:24

    Nature: Structure Fire - Commerical/Industrial building

    Location: Delaney Church - Clayton

    Address: 434 Delaney Church Rd

    City: ,

  • Tue Apr, 20 2021 @ 16:47

    Nature: Citizen Asst

    Location: Townsend

    Address: 1059 Grears Corner Rd

    City: ,

  • Tue Apr, 20 2021 @ 14:36

    Nature: Medical Emergency

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