Command 26

Command 26, the first of the twins, is a 2008 4WD Ford F250 chassis with a crew cab and capped 6 Ft. bed. This truck features a 12 volt power inverter and a 6 Ft. roll out tray that is equipped with incident command tactical and accountability boards, incident action plan forms, an A.E.D, a medical bag with oxygen, irons, S.C.B.A. and portable 800 MHz radios. Command 26 is used by our Officers, through a weekly Duty Officer rotation, to respond to in-district incidents to establish and maintain a Command presence during incident mitigation.

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Recent Alarms

  • Wed Oct, 5 2022 @ 04:13

    Nature: Medical Emergency

  • Wed Oct, 5 2022 @ 01:01

    Nature: Medical Emergency

  • Tue Oct, 4 2022 @ 13:34

    Nature: Medical Emergency

    City: Smyrna

  • Tue Oct, 4 2022 @ 10:14

    Nature: Medical Emergency

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